Legal Tech News – Babb to Direct Information Security Practice at Clutch Group

August 19th, 2016

The appointment of Steven Babb, Clutch’s new Director – Information Security, has been covered by Legal Tech in an article entitled “Babb to Direct Information Security Practice at Clutch Group”. The article is available here on Legal Tech News’ website. An excerpt of the article has been produced below.

Babb to Direct Information Security Practice at Clutch Group

Steven Babb will lead Clutch Group’s Information Security practice as they expand their commitment to data governance.

Gabrielle Orum Hernandez, Legaltech News

Steve Babb, an info security expert based out of the UK, will be the new Director of legal consulting group Clutch.

Data security specialist Steven Babb will join U.K.-based consulting group Clutch Group as director of information security. According to a statement from the company, Babb will be responsible for “leading the refinement and implementation of Clutch’s data governance and information security strategy.”

Prior to his position with Clutch, Babb led the technology risk, compliance and assurance practice for Vodafone UK and Ireland. He previously served as head of governance, risk and assurance for online sports betting provider Betfair, and as senior manager and IT risk management service line leader for Big 4 consulting group KPMG.

Babb noted that he was drawn to the position because of the consulting firm’s proven expertise in the field and plans to expand its data governance practice.

“Clutch Group’s commitment to information security is evident in how they have developed and deployed their industry-leading technologies across their key verticals and geographies,” he said in a statement.

“I’m delighted to be able to bring my experience in data governance and information security to support the organization as it continues to scale rapidly,” Babb added.

Clutch Group, founded originally in 2005, consults globally with clients in the financial, life science and energy industries. The company is known for reports drawn from its managed analytics service Clutch.IQ, which takes in both structured and unstructured data and extracts key reference data to review for compliance.

Clutch general counsel and senior vice president of legal and risk Brian Flack agreed that Babb’s experience and leadership in the field will serve Clutch’s plans to expand the practice. “His extensive experience in information security as well as technology risk and compliance will ensure that he will have an immediate and positive impact on our business,” Flack said.