Legal Tech News – Clutch Group’s 3 Partnerships Bring AI to GCs and Compliance Professionals

October 26th, 2016

Legal Tech News covered Clutch’s historic partnerships with kCura, Nuix, and Brainspace, designed to bring the benefits of AI and machine learning to the legal, risk, and compliance space. An excerpt of the article has been provided below.

3 Partnerships Bringing AI to GCs and Compliance Professionals

Clutch Group is betting it can make AI more “accessible” and “intelligible” to stakeholders via automated compliance, surveillance tools.

Ian Lopez, Legaltech News October 26, 2016

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of those topics that leaves lawyers either in awe of possibility or rolling their eyes at the thought of a robot lawyer. Yet for many on either side of the aisle, AI remains incomprehensible, leaving professionals fearful and even frustrated. And this mix is dangerous when trying to get stakeholders on board with purchasing.

Legal services provider Clutch Group is betting it can get around the legal industry’s aversion to AI, and its approach is simple: partner with widely used brands in legal technology to consolidate multiple data analytics services into a single application. Today, the company announced that for the past nine months, it has been working on new AI solutions for e-discovery, compliance, litigation and surveillance with Brainspace, Nuix and kCura.

The first thing Clutch wants to do, explained Clutch president Brandon Daniels in a conversation with Legaltech News, is to deploy machine learning decisions to augment decisions in a way that feels “comfortable” and “familiar.” This is key, because for stakeholders, “although extremely experienced legal and intelligence professionals, the application of artificial intelligence tends to create some trepidation.”

Clutch looks at kCura’s Relativity as “the iOS of compliance,” Daniels said, and is using it as a backdrop to develop a “unified user experience.” Further, Relativity is an elastic workplace, which simplifies the integration of other technologies. The decision, which means that Clutch is a Relativity Premium Hosting Partner, was based on user comfort with the system as well as functionality.

Brainspace, meanwhile, brings to the table patented machine learning technology and visual analytics typically applied for compliance challenges and internal investigations. In the past year, Brainspace has also partnered with Discovia, intelligence community investor In-Q-Tel, and e-discovery provider Compliance. Brainspace technology also operated in Relativity prior to the Clutch partnership.

Lastly, partnering with Nuix will allow Clutch’s upcoming services and technology to ingest and analyze massive data sets quickly. Nuix’s information management technology is used for regulatory matters, data privacy and insider threats, among other enterprise concerns.