Clutch Group Mentioned in Washington Blade as DC Growing Success

October 20th, 2014

Last Thursday, Clutch Group was mentioned in the Washington Blade as one of D.C.’s business successes. Check out the full article here.

Bowser: No bombast, just plain hard work

As a business-oriented Democrat, I know supporting small and medium-sized enterprises comes hard for many politicians. Government tends to look only at the triumvirate of power: the government, the military and big business. All are easier to understand than a small business trying to grow an idea into a larger reality. Small business changes and grows. It has problems. It doesn’t fit the bureaucratic ideal. But at the same time, small business is the goose that lays the golden eggs for growth, employment and making those important tax payments. Think of our growing DC companies like Blackboard, Inc. that now has over 37,000 corporate clients, or more recently, the job growth of consulting companies like Clutch Group who’ve added 250 jobs, and Clinovations who went from seven to 72 jobs – in three years. We need more of these successes.