Clutch Featured In LegalTechNews & Inside Counsel For Collaboration

January 7th, 2017

Clutch’s partnerships with kCura, Nuix, and Brainspace were highlighted in an article entitled ‘3 Ways Legal Tech Companies Have Leveraged Collaboration in 2016‘ featured on Legal Tech News and Inside Counsel. An excerpt of the article has been provided below. Link to Legal Tech News and Inside Counsel

3 Ways Legal Tech Companies Have Leveraged Collaboration in 2016

Interconnected partner networks

As legal tech providers strive to meet client demand for bundle services in “full solutions” via strategic partnerships, they are in effect creating interconnected networks of collaborating systems.

Take, for example, Clutch Group’s partner assembly of Brainspace’s analytics services, Nuix’s information management capabilities and kCura’s Relativity workspace for a bundled e-discovery solution.

While three players alone have strong service offerings, they are also supported by a network of other partnerships.