Taming the data beast

August 5th, 2014

Legal has been the naysayer for too long. To move forward together with IT, this needs to change.


AUGUST 4, 2014

Big data is a ubiquitous topic in the legal blogosphere. We’re told data proliferation is an inevitable force – and to a large extent, it is. We’re told letting it remain untethered is a recipe for disaster. True: data overload is real and can have worrying legal implications. However, the emphasis in these conversations always seems to be on finding ways to slay the data beast, to stop it in its inexorable track.

This is the wrong way to approach it. The beast cannot be slayed. It can only be tamed — if that.

To be sure, it’s a massive beast. And while we can’t outright kill it and reverse the trend of data proliferation, there are a few steps legal departments can take to try to tame it and, while they’re at it, to make this odyssey a productive one. What are a few long and short-term things we can do as in-house lawyers?

Read the full article on Inside Counsel by Ken Prine, Discovery Counsel at BP, and Brian Flack, GC at Clutch Group.