Building a Blueprint for Global Data Compliance

October 20th, 2014

Building a Blueprint for Global Data Compliance

By Varun Mehta, VP Legal & Compliance, Clutch Group 

Today’s companies are bigger, more global and more reliant upon technology and information than ever before. With companies growing their data by at least 50 percent in the coming year, CTOs, CIOs and CCOs need to work together to figure out how to manage the proliferation and diffusion of data. If CTOs and CIOs serve as the captains of the ship, executing a vision for what to do with the data and technical tools within a business, the CCO should serve as the cartographer, providing a map of the potential risks along the journey and helping to navigate and provide clarity.

And it’s not just how Big Data can get that the C-Suite needs to worry about; it’s how far it can travel. Data in the Cloud is subject to global regulatory regimes and companies don’t have the tools and systems to adequately monitor all of this data in real time. The Cloud is amorphous. Data travels from one jurisdiction to another at a whim, regardless of silo-ed data governance programs. When one piece of data can essentially be scrutinized and claimed by many different regulators, a global approach to data governance is the only way forward.

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