Brexit Update: Political Resolution Brings Economic Rebound

July 12th, 2016

Political Resolution Brings Economic Rebound

Yesterday, Andrea Leadsom, one of two candidates vying to replace Prime Minister David Cameron, dropped out of the running. Leadsom’s move leaves United Kingdom (UK) Home Secretary Theresa May as the remaining and winning successor and new leader of the Conservative Party.  After nearly three weeks of political unrest following Cameron’s resignation and the Brexit referendum, the markets embraced the newfound stability. The British Pound recovered much of last week’s losses, jumping back up to around $1.32 in trading early Tuesday morning.

The selection of the prime minister could abbreviate the timeline to triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. A candidate was not expected to be confirmed until September, after which, politicians said they would begin Brexit talks. With May clenching the position two months early, it is unclear how quickly the proceedings will unfold.

May’s rhetoric confirms that despite her position prior to the referendum she intends to guide the country’s departure from the European Union (EU). She has confirmed, “there will be no attempts to remain inside the EU” and is committed to a “strong new positive vision for the future.” May will also hold fast to one of the key tenants of the Brexit vote by restricting European immigration, saying “free movement cannot continue as it has done up until now.” Still she plans to pursue the “best deal in trade and goods and services.”

Exchange Rates

£1 GBP = $1.32 USD

€1 EUR = $1.11 USD

£1 GBP = €1.19 EUR

(as of 8:00 AM EST, 7/12/2016)

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Brexit Update

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