FCA Enforcement Maintains Momentum – Individual Accountability

January 21st, 2016

FCA Enforcement Maintains Momentum


Recurring Theme:  Individual Accountability


Summary Analysis: 

Last year marked the fourth year in a row that the Department of Justice (DOJ) recovered more than $3.5 billion from False Claims Act (FCA) violations. In 2015, the agency collected $3.583 billion primarily from investigations into healthcare fraud, government contracts, and mortgage fraud, which brought in $1.9 billion, $1.1 billion and $365 million respectively. Notably, whistleblower rewards reached record highs last year, which will likely motivate more qui tams in 2016.

Following the Yates Memo, the DOJ is expected to pursue more FCA enforcement actions against individuals in 2016.  The passage of the Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act Improvements Act is also expected to contribute to increased civil penalties.  Accordingly, the DOJ will likely maintain a rather aggressive FCA enforcement pattern this year.


Department of Justice Press Release: