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What We Do

We’ve evolved over the years – and so has the scope of our work. We started out as a legal staffing company and have since grown to become the leading provider of legal services to major Fortune 500 firms across the globe. We work closely with General Counsel and Chief Risk and Compliance Officers to help their companies successfully tackle litigation and investigation matters, identify and address compliance and risk issues, and to drive efficiency within their legal departments.

Our Services

Evolving regulatory regimes and an exponential growth in data have created enormous legal challenges for companies. We’re here to help. We offer a wide array of legal services and have developed sophisticated processes and solutions to help clients in the areas of litigation and investigations, compliance and risk, and corporate and in-house services.

Litigation & Investigations

We offer extensive document review and e-discovery services, analyze large volumes of data to provide insightful and actionable fact development, and provide end-to-end case planning and management. By streamlining the discovery process and enhancing early insight, we help our clients to create a confident and compliant disclosure process or relationship with regulators.

Our services include:

  • Document Review & Analysis (US, EU & India)
  • Fact Development
  • End-to-End Case Planning & Management
  • Fully-managed eDiscovery and Review Services
  • eDiscovery/eDisclosure Advisory Services
  • Foreign Language Review
  • Legal Hold Process Development & BAU Support Services

Regardless of the individual engagement, our processes are designed to leverage knowledge every step of the way and to use that information to keep counsels informed throughout the life of a matter.

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& Risk

As the regulatory environment grows and becomes more complex, our compliance and risk services are focused on the nexus between performance and risk management. Our expertise lies in helping our clients take large amounts of data and filtering them to the important facts, an essential process in the compliance and risk space.


  • Surveillance solutions
  • Data Extraction for OTC Derivative Market Documentation
  • End-to-End Regulatory Compliance Remediation
  • KYC/ AML Account Remediation
  • Dodd-Frank and EMIR Compliance
  • Sale Appropriateness/Mis-Selling Review
  • Anti-Corruption/Anti-Bribery Third Party Diligence
  • Regulatory Mapping

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& In-House

We’re focused on helping legal departments become more efficient. Our services are designed to help General Counsel make better legal and business decisions. We provide full contract lifecycle management services through our Clutch Portal, have extensive experience in conducting M&A due diligence, and routinely perform corporate legal research for our clients.

Contract Management Lifecycle: We provide full contract lifecycle management services through our Clutch Portal, a proprietary service that facilitates everything from contract drafting to negotiation to execution. The Clutch Portal tracks all changes made throughout the contract lifecycle and serves as an ideal hosting mechanism for contract abstraction and for gap analysis.

  • Contract Remediation
  • Contract Gap Analysis
  • Contract Abstraction & Intelligence
  • Contract Drafting and Negotiation Support

M&A Due Diligence Corporate Legal Research We routinely perform legal research utilizing industry standard technology (e.g., LexisNexis and WestLaw) and conduct multi-jurisdictional surveys of existing laws and regulations impacting critical client initiatives.

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Who we work with

We support a variety of Fortune 500 companies to enable better legal and business decision-making. We understand the way small, localized issues manifest into global, board-level headaches. Our focus allows us to understand problems unique to your industry and how they impact your organization.

Financial Services

The financial services industry has seen a massive increase in regulation and oversight, and we’re well-equipped to help companies adapt to these changes. We currently serve as a legal outsourcing partner to three of the top seven financial services institutions.

Life Sciences

Clutch has managed eDiscovery for hundreds of matters in relation to the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and medical device industries. We’re here to help companies navigate through regulatory changes and to deal with product liability and litigation issues.

Energy & Natural Resources

We’ve helped companies in the energy space tackle a variety of litigation and investigation matters, such as fraud in the global cap and trade carbon market, tax and accounting issues in natural resource trading, and employment cases.

Learn how Clutch can help:

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Clutch.IQ integrates our understanding of industries and the problems that impact them and combines it with our expertise in process and technology. The result is bespoke, full-managed products and services that intelligently extract, analyze, and create narratives from big data.

Surveillance & Data Monitoring

We are able to process, analyze, and extract key information from all forms of electronic communication – emails, Bloomberg chats, and internal messages – and allows clients to isolate potentially non-compliant behavior for review in real time.


We developed our solution to help clients identify real-time behavior that goes against regulatory statutes and internal governing principles—behavior that could result in future large-scale litigation and investigation issues. Our goal is to allow clients to mitigate risk while managing complex business units while also helping them to adopt a more sophisticated approach to handling, analyzing, and understanding their data and the entities and patterns within.

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Audio.IQ is our fully-managed audio analytics solution and is supported by robust, customizable language and behavioral models. Through proprietary algorithms, we customize Audio.IQ for each client and program it to find meaning in seemingly unintelligible industry vocabulary, regional dialects and more.



We developed Capture.IQ to help financial services companies manage their risk across their business functions. Capture.IQ extracts key data references from all forms of legal and financial agreements, allowing for easy sorting, searching, and analysis. We provide Capture.IQ as a fully-managed service, from data collection to analysis and recommendations.



Trade.IQ is a chronology creation solution that ingests ecomms and audio transcripts and facilitates the presentation of key excerpts within these documents.



Trade.IQ is a fully-managed service that allows users to meet challenging trade reconstruction requirements and produce chronologies in highly readable formats for counsel and regulators alike.

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