Author of Yates Memo Fired

March 1st, 2017

Author of  Yates Memo Fired

Recurring Theme:  Individual Accountability

Summary Analysis: 

Yesterday, President Trump acted to remove Acting Attorney General Sally Yates. Under the Obama Administration, Yates had served as Deputy Attorney General. During her tenure, she authored the Department of Justice’s ‘Yates Memo.’  The memo quickly attracted the attention of the legal and compliance community, industry stakeholders and fellow regulators.

In the memo, Yates shifted DOJ policy to prosecute and hold individuals accountable for corporate wrongdoing. The memo states, “Americans should never believe, even incorrectly, that one’s criminal activity will go unpunished simply because it was committed on behalf of a corporation.”  In the short term, the enforcement approach implemented by the Yates Memo in 2015 is likely to remain. Trump named fellow Obama appointee, Dana Boente, US Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, as a replacement. As the new administration moves to appoint its own Attorney General, however, a policy change could occur.


Yates Memo: